About Us

Lampe Vita has a team of dedicated people trained to care for you and your wellbeing.

Our vision is to work on the effect of aging, which can be delayed and sometimes reversed and to provide a program of preventive medicine to improve your health, your appearance and a youthfull quality of existence.

Our tools are mainly natural products and the avoidance of any additive surgery or invasive treatment.

We help you to avoid expesive artificial treatments which often misrepresent short term results, fade quickly and target your purse above of your health.

We start with a diet that you can ellaborate at home without the need of a professional, then we also recommend preventive treatments for cancer. We help your control and dimish stress. We measure the amount of toxic metal you have in your body with a simple device on the spot and help you with detox and chelation therapies without invasive or pricy treatments.

Rejuvenating your skin is my own specialty, as an experienced dermatologist and specialist in the fast-growing technologies of anti-aging. We treat all kind of skin color. We use medically approved devices that combine minimum down time with excellent, lasting and immediately tangible results.

In addition, we provide free information and advice on all kinds of about anti-aging, wellness and cosmetic treatments.

Experience it is the best test. Come to check us out.

Join us on the LampeVita path to wellbeing.