Welcome to Lampe Vita

Lampe Vita have a team of dedicated people trained to care for you and your wellbeing.

Our vision is to work on the effects of aging, which can be delayed and sometimes reversed, and to provide a programme of preventive medicine to improve your health, your appearance and a youthful quality of existence.

We help you avoid expensive artificial treatments which often misrepresent short term results, fade quickly and target your purse above your health. Experiencing it is the best test. Come to check us out. Join us on the LampeVita Path to Wellbeing.


Our team focus on your Health and wellbeing, our practice use almost all FDA approved device and treatments, dr Lampe having 25 years of medical and dermatological experience. Will give you the opportunity to experience the best you can feel physically and mentally, helping you to take the gear of your own health.
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Contact Lampe VitaIf you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please use our contact form.

On the contact page you also can find a google map with the location of our Clinic.

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